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      Air Of Dan - Keith Shapiro
      Fuelish - Keith Shapiro
      Homegrown Shuffle - Keith Shapiro
      Tell the Truth - Keith Shapiro / Vince Guanari
      Speak Your Mind - Keith Shapiro / Vince Guarnere
      TLVDOC - Keith Shapiro / Vince Guanere
      Homegrown Show Theme 2002 - Keith Shapiro
      Homegrown Show Theme 2006 - Keith Shapiro
      Exodus Marketing Group MOH - Keith Shapiro

Odd and Even ordered harmonics

This was a great read by Jack Endino. I found this in a post at if you ever wanted to understand Even Ordered vs Odd Ordered harmonics read...
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The best stuff comes in the simplest packaging

I've been a fan of tube electronics for a while now. Always wanted to learn about tube amps and how they work, maybe even spend my older years building amps and tweaking tones. Not really interested in the "Business" of amp building or repair but really enjoy the idea...
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Ted Greene

Ted Greene - Chord Chemistry & Modern Chord Progressions       I bought Chord Chemistry at least 30 years ago, I bought Modern Chord Progressions 27 years ago. I always knew I'd get busy studying Ted Greene but I didn't know when. I just wasn't...
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You have to walk through it

No matter how many questions I ask, no matter how many lessons I take, videos I watch or how much money I spend on books and instructional materials. There is no way to absorb the knowledge of playing music at a level of enjoyment where thinking in terms of chords and...
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So you don’t have The Real Book?

I came across this one day, not even sure where but check it out. Works in your browser. Now you have a Real...
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Awe, how cute!

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Chord Recognition

This is pretty cool, when there's a few minutes between calls, this is a great little reading app...
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Minor Triads

Minor Triads This week has been the end of a brutal sales month so I decided yesterday, I wasn't going to work too hard, and today being Friday and the start of a long weekend, I'm not doing much today either except some study and today's focus is Minor Triads. As I...
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Traids, everything is built from triads

I can't even tell you how many times I've said this, my instructors over the years have said this, all the "talkers" say it, it's almost a cliche at this point. What's tragic is that in my case, I'm a fraud because I haven't actually taken well past the intellectual...
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Counting straight eighths

Counting straight eighths I discovered this morning that I'm not counting or don't have the ability to count straight eights in my head while I play. What I found is  Reading music and learning new material off paper is far more difficult if I can't count it in my...
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