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Keith Shapiro

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In the world of self-expression and existential reality, we all need a home. A first-world problem? Maybe so but that’s what being an American is all about. Creating the level of problems living in a 1st world country.

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The ‘Hubris’ Project is a collection of songs that were written in the formative years of my guitar-playing experience. I’ve been writing since age 16 and some of the ideas should see the light of day.  The picture above is that of Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn NY where I grew up and while I didn’t start the tedious life of a guitar player until the early eighties, it was in Brooklyn where I was subjected to relentless violin lessons, followed by piano lessons. It was in the last year at PS 117 and the first year of Junior High at PS 217 in Queens NY, that I coincidentally sat in the first chair of the clarinet section of band and stayed in that chair for the year despite wanting to play saxophone or drums. Mom wasn’t having it, she wanted me to be the next Benny Goodman. Ultimately moving to Las Vegas NV where I ultimately found that guitar was the outlet for the sickness imposed on me by a lifetime of 50’s musicals and all those lessons. I am eternally grateful to my arbiter of all things musical growing up. Lorraine Shapiro. My greatest musical inspiration and no doubt my biggest fan. 

This collection of songs were written in the Hubris Of My Youth.

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