I do have a good gaggle of instruments, about 12 but I don’t find myself buying new instruments all that often. Amps, pedals, software. I’m a mooch! I like many others are still keeping software I don’t use up to the latest versions, cost or no cost. Cubase 12 as of this writing as an example.

But it was time for something I’d been looking at for a while now.

The 8 String Strandberg!

To put it lightly, this thing is amazing. Action, Intonation, neck adjustment, all perfectly simple and without hassle.

I’ve been using Fishman Fluence Pickups for a couple years in one guitar and this one has them too. To put it mildly, I love this guitar. It was worth every single penny so far. Who knows, that may change but I’ll be using it on my upcoming productions. 

The Hubris record will probably remain just 6 string with my Les Paul being the focused guitar being that was the first guitar I’ve owned.

Needless to say, more will be posted about this gorgeous beast and most notably (pun intended) tracks!

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